Here's What People are Saying

A Tapestry of Words

 “Anyone who has had their world turned upside down should read this book. Thorne has woven together a tapestry of words to depict a raw, vulnerable, and authentic experience that allows the reader to empathize and connect with the journey that the main characters have traveled together. This is more than a story of transition and transformation; it is a testament to the strength of unconditional love.”   

--Rachel Stevenson, Author of Reshaping Rachel, OUTCOAST publisher, and founder of LGBT Equality Alliance  

A Much-needed Eduation

 “The thought of marriage surviving a transgender spouse is not something that lives in the public conscious. Bringing it to our attention, Who Am I If You’re Not You? is a much-needed education. Thorne captures the struggles, pain, confusion and eventual triumph of love in a compelling tale. She narrates a place in human emotion few will ever witness.”  

--Jess Herbst, first openly transgender mayor in Texas     

An Inspirational Book

 “Many marital relationships are shattered when one of the partners transitions gender roles. Despite all obstacles, this marriage, thanks to long and hard work by both partners, endures. This is an inspirational book that pulls no punches.”   --Dallas Denny, writer, transgender activist, creator of Chrysalis Quarterly magazine